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Syllabus: Industrial Statisticsh

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Course: Industrial Statistics and Official Statistics
Nature and scope, production and realization statistics, Sources of Industrial statistics, labour statistics and working time, etc. Indicator (mobility of labour etc, etc) of output statistics, statistics of fixed investment, expenditure statistics, Production cost statistics, identification of quality level. quality and its relation to product sortness, study of wastages, utilization of labour resources. Productivity of labour. Quality Control measures. Statistical quality control techniques, its uses and usefulness. Product control and process control. Assignable and non-assignable sources of variation. Basic concepts of control charts. Construction of control charts (variable and attribute). Natural tolerance & specification limits. Acceptance sampling. Derivation of Sampling plans (single & double). OC & ASN curves.
Official statistics: Sources, problems of official statistics, methodological issues, sources & limitations, some national & international statistical publications, recommendations, specific examples from BBS, planning, Commision, Bangladesh Bank, etc.
1. Duncan, A.J. - Quality control and Industrial Statistics
2. BBS Publications.

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