Monday, December 8, 2014

Topics in Industrial Statistics

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Industrial Statistics & Quality Control:
Definition, main sectors, scope of the study, production, realization, Types of Industrial Statistics, output statistics, Identification of quality level, Coefficient of quality, labour statistics & working time, categories of industrial production personnel, indicator of labor statistics, movement of labor, labour turnover, labour productivity, measures of labour productivity, physical measure, Indices of labour productivity, value index of labour productivity, prices index of labour productivity, the scope of study of labour productivity.
Statistical Quality control (SQC) , Chance & assignable causes, process control product control, tools for SQC, Shewart's control chart for variables, C-chart, Chebyshev's inequality, 3- σ control limits, Calculation of x̄ & R charts, control limits for X , control limits for R chart, construction of control chart for X-bar & R. criterion for detecting lack of control in X-bar & R charts, Interpretation of X-bar & R charts
σ-chart, control limits for attributes, P-chart, d or np-chart, control limits for number of defects per units, U-chart, ....
(to be continued....) 

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