Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Graohical Method for solving Linear Programming Problem

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A Linear Programming Problem (LPP) with only two variables presents a simple case, for which the solution can be derived using graphical method.
This method consists of the following steps.
1. Represent the given problem in mathematical form i.e. formulate the LP model for the given model.
2. Represent the given constraints as inequalities and find the corner points (where two intersects).
3. Plot all the constraints & identify the feasible region.
4. The feasible region obtained in step 3 may be bounded or unbounded. If bounded, we compute the co-ordinates of all the corner points of the feasible region.
If unbounded, there exists no optimum solution.
5. We find the value of objective function at each corner points of feasible region, The corner point point that gives the optimum value of the objective function gives the optimum solution to the problem.
6. Interpret the result.

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