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Statistical Quality Control

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Statistical Quality Control (S.Q.C):
Raw materials → Product → Marketing
S.Q.C means planned collection & effective use of data for studying causes of variations in quality either as between processes, procedures, materials, machines etc. on over periods of time.
These cause effect analysis is then fed back into the system with a view to continuous actions on the process of handling, manufacturing, packing, transporting & delivering at end-use.
The main purpose of statistical quality control is to devise statistical technique which would help us separating the assignable causes (explained below) from the chance causes, thus enabling us to make immediate remedial action whereas assignable causes are present. The elimination of assignable causes of erratic fluctuations is described as bringing a process under control.
Quality Depends on (4M)
The most important word in the term statistical quality control is quality. Quality means a level/standard which depends on 4Ms besides many other factors- materials, manpower, machines & management.
Quality control is a power productivity technique for effective diagnosis of lack of quality in any of the materials, processes, machines or end-products.
Quality control covers all the factors & processes of production which may be broadly classified as-
i) Quality of materials:
Material of good quality will result in smooth processing thereby reducing the waste and increasing output. It will also give better finish to end products.
ii) Quality of manpower:
Trained and qualified personnel will give increased efficiency due to the better production through the application of skill and reduce production cost and waste.
iii) Quality of machines:
Better quality equipment result in efficient work due to lack of breakdown and thus reduce the cost defectives.
iv) Quality of management:
A good management is imperative for increase in efficiency, harmony in relations, growth of business markets.

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