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Types of Industrial Statistics

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Types of Industrial Statistics are- 
i. Input-Output Statistics
ii. Labor statistics & the working time, productivity.
iii. Wage Statistics
iv. Statistics of fixed assets & investment
v. Production cost Statistics
vi. Statistics related to technology & production process
vii. Expenditure statistics
viii. Wastage statistics

Output Statistics:
The aggregate of products suitable for consumption by human or other that are produced by an industry as a result of its industrial production activity during a period of time may be a day, a week, a month, a year etc.

Some important indications of output:
 i. Productions with their kinds and sortness
ii. Characteristics of realization
iii. Dynamicity of production
iv. Quality of Products
Manufactured products of an industry may be divided into three categories.
i) Finished:
The product that emerges at the end of a manufacturing process.
ii) Semi-finished: 
A product that has not been completely assembled or manufactured and generally exported from the country of origin to be completed in the country where the product is being sold)
iii) Non-finished

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