Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Topics in Economic Statistics

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Chapter-1: Theory of Firms
Firm, Input, Output,  comparison  of utility and production function (PF), Characteristics of PF, TP, AP, MP and their characteristics, Law of diminishing MP, Output elasticity, Isoquant, Assumption & properties of IQC with proof, how to construct IQC, MRTS, Ridge Line or Economic Region, Optimizing behaviour, Isocost line, assumption & characteristics of isocost lines, Constrained output maximization, output elasticity of cost, constrained cost minimization, Expansion path, profit maximizing, Input demand function, HPF with properties, Linear HPF, CDPF with properties, Return to scale with description & reason for various types, Return to scale & marginal returns to variable factors with its mathematical & geometric proof.
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