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Assumptions, Causes, Consequences & Importance of Migration

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Assumptions of migration: 
i. The person must change his usual residence
ii. The person must stay at least six months or larger in the point of departure.
iii. A boundary must be set up that is migration defining area must be set up.

Causes of Migration:
The factors influencing migration may be classified as-
i. Pulling factors (skilled factors): 
The factors providing direct encouragement to migration(better education, health) are called pulling factors.
ii. Pushing factors (Negative factors): 
The factors that compel one to migrate are called pushing factors.

Some pulling factors are: 
-Economic factor
-Geographic factor
-Social factor
-Demographic factor
-Marital factor
-Educational factor etc.

Some pushing factors are: 
-Lack of safety
-Due to criminals
-Negative reputation of a person etc.

Consequences of migration: 
i. The receiving place may be benefited by gaining the labor of the migration.
ii. A migrant may face problems of adjust himself to a new environment and also may face the pressure upon him from the people.
iii. The price of goods may rise/increase in the present place.
iv. The value of land can go up in the present place and can fall in the previous place.
v. Migration also influences the growth and decline of population etc.

Importance of study of migration: 
i. Migration is the third basic factor affecting change in population of an area.
ii. We can know about the population growth by studying migration.
iii. The measurement and the analysis of migration are important in the preparation of population estimates and projection for a nation.
iv. By studying migration we know about the labor force of an area.
v. For both the developing and developed countries rural-urban migration has received a remarkable attention.
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