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Syllabus: Ordinary Differential Equation

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Ordinary Differential Equation
Ordinary Differential equation (ODE) of first order and first degree, variable separable, homogeneous and non-homogeneous equations, exact differential equations, Simple Cases of differential equations of first order and degree higher than one, Linear differential equations with constant coefficient, ordinary simultaneous equations, equations reducible to homogeneous forms, Homogeneous linear equations, orthogonal trajectories. Partial differential equations; first order, second order (linear & non-linear) and their analysis in details.
1. Ross, S.L. (1980): Introduction to Ordinary differential equations, 4th edition. Wiley
[Here is the solution to Introduction to Ordinary differential equations by Shepely Ross, 4th edition. Wiley
1. Ayres, Franck: Theory and Problems of Differential Equations
2. Farid, S.M: Differential Equations &  Tensor Analysis

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