Monday, March 2, 2015

Syllabus: Introduction to Demography

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Basic Concepts: Population studies &  demography, scope of demography, population and demographic variables
Sources of demographic data: primary and secondary sources, Vital registration, Survey and Census
Demographic rates and ratios: Concepts of rates, ratios, proportion and probability. Crude rates and refined rates, Age-Sex composition, population Pyramid, cohort and Lexis Diagram
Population Change: Concept of population change, population growth, measurement of population growth
Fertility and Reproduction: Concept of fertility reproduction, fecundity, fecundability, sterility, Measurements of fertility and reproduction, cohort fertility, parity progression ratio, differentials of fertility
Mortality: Concepts of mortality and morbidity, measures of mortality, trends in mortality, differentials of mortality, measures of morbidity, Standardization.
Marriage: Concept of Marriage, estimation of mean and median age at marriage, estimation of singulate mea age at marriage, Coals Indices (Ig, If, Im), their relationship and contribution to fertlity differentials.
Migration: Concept, types and measures of migration. Consequences, determinants and trend of migration.

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