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Syllabus: Operation Research

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Linear Programming: Introdcutions, Formations of linear programming problems, Graphical solutions of two variables problems. Principal theorems of Linear programming, Simplex method, Revised Simplex method, Dual Simplex method, Two-phased method, Big M method.

Game theory: "Two persons zero sum" game, Mixed and optimal Strategy, Relationship between two persons zero sums game and linear programming symmetric games.

Integer Linear Programming: Formulation of Integer Linear Programming Problem by cutting plane and branch and Bound methods, Solution of mixed integer, Integer Programming problem by cutting plane method.
Inventory Models: Deterministic Models, Single Item Static Model, Single Item static model with price breaks, Multiple Item static model with Storage Limitation.

Transportation Problem: Basic feasible solution of transportation problem, Opportunity test, Degeneracy, Unlealanced, Variations and least time transportation problem, Assignment problem.
1. Vajda , S. (2009), Mathematical Programming
2. Duncan, A.J, (1986), Quality Control and Industrial Statistics

1. Dantzig, B, Linear Programming and Extension,
2. Gassm S.I, Linear Programming, Mcgraw-Hill
3. Hadly, G, Linear Programming, Addison, Wesley
4. Hadly, G, Analysis of Inventory Systems, Prentice-Hall, International, N,Y
5. Kohlas J, Stochastic Methods of Operation Research, CUP, London
6. Taha, H.A, Operation Research: An Introduction, Coll-Mac-millan International Editions
7. Dodge and Roming, Sampling Inspection Tables: Single and Double Sampling

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