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Demography 2.2: Sources of Demographic Data

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Vital Statistics:
Vital Statistics is defined as that branch of BIOMETRY which deals with data & the laws of human mortality, morbidity & demography.
The term vital statistics refers to the numerical data or the techniques used in the analysis of the data pertaining to vital events occurring in the given section of the population.
Vital Events:
By Vital events, we mean such events of human life as-
-Mortality (Deaths)
-Separation etc
According to ARTHUR NEWSWHOLME, “Vital Statistics forms perhaps the most important branch of statistics as it deals with mankind in the aggregate. It is science of numbers applied to life history of communities & nations"

Use f Vital Statistics:
1. Through vital statistics we can study the population trend.
2. Vital Statistics is used in public administration.
3. Vital statistics provide guidelines for the researchers & pharmaceutical proposition.
4. The facts & figures relating to
-marriages etc
are of extreme importance to vital official agencies to a variety of administrative purposes.
5. The whole of actuarial science, including life insurance is based on the mortality.

Methods of obtaining vital statistics:
1. Registration Method
2. Census Method
Registration Method: The most important source of obtaining vital statistics is the registration method which consists in continuous & permanent recording of vital events pertaining to
-migration etc
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These data in addition to their statistical utility also have their values as legal documents. Registration of births provide information on place of birth, sex (gender), age, religion of the parents, number of previous issues and their sexes, father’s occupation, birth place of parents etc. Similar Information is also obtained with respect to
-Migration etc.

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