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Labor Statistics & Working Time

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The laborers are the basis of deciding for productive force and the main factor in a production process.
The task of labor statistics consists in exercising the control over the progress of manpower plan of an industry, in studying availability, composition and utilization of manpower, in revealing reasons and possibilities of better utilization of it.
The following tasks are dealt in labor statistics. 
1. Categorical reporting of production personnel revealing the production between the primary & auxiliary workers.
2. Reporting the age, sex, occupational & professional competition of workers.
3. Reporting the movements (recruitment & discharge) and utilization of this manpowers.
4. Reporting the utilization of working time.
The registers of an industry should provide information (data) on the following head categories.

Present                                    Absent
i. Actual working                    i. Casual Leave
ii. Idle for the entire day         ii. Medical leave
                                               iii. Maternity Leave
                                               iv. Off day
                                                v. Earn leave
                                               vi. Unknown

Categories of Industrial Production Personnel (6):
1. Production workers : 
Those who directly take part in the production process & perform functions of production.
2. Apprentices:
Those who undergo training in production operation & after completing the training successfully, they are destined to become production workers.
3. Engineering & technical Personnel:
Whose functions require engineering and technical qualifications. They are engaged in technical dissection in production.
4. Office workers:
Those who perform administrative & auxiliary duties related to production of an industry.
5. Junior Service personnel (pion, messenger etc.)
6. Supervisor & watchman who watch the overall supervision of the production process. 

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