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Identification of Quality level

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Quality of some objects is nothing but their characteristic or virtue which can meet up the demands & needs of the users.  If something possesses the standard mark of the users, then it is termed as "of good quality" otherwise opposite.
Quality of products is an important factor for enhancement of production activities.
Quality of product is influenced by the factors
i) Raw materials
ii) Organization of the production Industry
iii) Technology of production
iv) Continuous growth of technical level
v) Cultural level of production personnel
vi) Market competitions of the production

Despite these factors, there are some other non-assignable factors which may affect the quality level which may be assumed negligible.
Quality level associated with type of production principally, products can be finished & semi-finished. These products may be categorized into different classes.
ii) Super
iii) First
iv) Second

Extra: Extra sort of product are those which belong to some extraordinary quality.
Super: Super sort of product are those which meet the modern international standard of quality.
First: These meet certain standard within a certain region for a certain period.
Second: Below standard

Coefficient of Quality:
Quality of product of an industry can be measured with an index denoted by Cq. Generally, the index is defined as the ratio of the aggregated products. These belong to products of extra, super & first category to total product produced i.e. -

Cq ={(Extra+Super+First) quality of Standard}/ Total Product; 0 ≤ Cq ≤ 1

For example, if Cq = .94
=> From the total product, 94% can be maintained standard or marketed & rest are not marketed. 

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